Landscape Lighting Conroe: LED Lighting

Landscape lighting Conroe is a very big part of landscaping as a whole. Of course, landscapes are most beautiful at night when they are beautifully illuminated by landscape lighting Conroe . There is a new technology that is being used by landscape lighting right now. That latest technology is called LED lighting. Landscape lighting conroe


What Is LED Lighting?


LED means light emitting diodes which means LED lighting refers to the kind of lighting that uses solid-state LED. So instead of using a usual light bulb, LED is being used in this kind of lighting.


What Is The Difference Between LED And The Normal Bulbs?


The difference between the two is the way they produce light. The normal light or the Incandescent light uses a combination of gases, glass and filaments to make a thermal energy. This thermal energy is then released as light. LED on the other hand uses semiconductors that switch the energy into light.

So Why Should You Use LED Instead of Incandescent Light?

There are a lot of advantages of LED over incandescent light. One of them is the size. LEDs are normally smaller than the usual bulbs in the market. You can use LED as just one light or you can use multiple LEDs to create a group of light.

Another advantage of LED is its efficiency. LEDs can reach up to almost 90% efficiency while Incandescent light only uses 20% of its energy to produce light.

LEDs also last longer than the usual light bulbs. This is why more and more people are switching to LEDs because of these advantages.